Advanced Dental Services in Hamden

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When complex dental needs exist, Dr. Golia gathers and leads a team of specialists to outline necessary treatment and effectively orchestrate treatment for the benefit of the patient.

  • Conservative TMJ/TMD Therapy

    Treatment of TMJ disorders can range from home care and non-surgical treatments in mild cases to TMJ surgery in more severe cases.

    More About Treatment of TMJ Disorders

  • Occlusal (Bite) Analysis

    Even distribution of force during biting is an important aspect of oral health.

    More About Occlusal Analysis

  • Sedation Dentistry

    There are several different types of sedation which may be used depending on the situation.

    More About Sedation Dentistry

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea Therapy

    Although it may be perceived as a small nuisance or inconvenience, disrupted sleep is a problem that may need to be addressed.

    More About Sleep Apnea Treatments

  • Snoring Therapy

    Snoring is a common problem that occurs when a narrowing or blocking of the airway causes the soft palate and tissues of the throat to vibrate.

    More About Snoring Treatments

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full mouth reconstruction is required when the following conditions exist:

    • Long term neglect
    • Severe malocclusions
    • Cosmetic concerns
    • Trauma
    • Disfigurement from surgical procedures
    • Hereditary syndromes

    Dr. Golia has experience as a gate keeper who completes the initial examination, comes up with a treatment plan and gathers the appropriate specialists for a team approach to the reconstruction. Everything starts with him and ends with him doing the restorative portion to finish the reconstruction.

  • Sports Dentistry

    Sports dentistry comprises proactive and reactive modalities. Athletic mouth guards are the perfect example of this. Prevention is much less expensive. Reactive modalities involve dealing with athletic trauma, whether re implanting knocked out teeth or dealing with fractures. Dr. Golia has seen it all.

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