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3 Key Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

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Electronic toothbrushes have become more accessible than ever before. With very inexpensive, disposable models carried at grocery stores and big-box retailers, you can buy an electric toothbrush for less than $10. Traditional electronic toothbrushes may cost more but now come with a wide range of innovative features. If you haven’t made the switch yet, here are three key benefits of using an electronic toothbrush.

More Brush Strokes Per Minute

An electric toothbrush can deliver hundreds of more brush strokes per minute than what you’re able to achieve with a manual toothbrush. This can lead to a better clean and remove more biofilm from your teeth. In all likelihood, you’ll get good feedback from your oral hygienist on how well you’ve been able to take care of your teeth. It can be difficult to duplicate the results from an electronic toothbrush with a manual one.

Use of a Timer

Many electronic toothbrushes automatically turn off after the recommended two minutes of teeth brushing. Unfortunately, too often patients fail to brush their teeth for the full time simply because they aren’t sure of how much time has passed. If you use the entire time that the electric toothbrush operates as a guide, you can be sure that you’re brushing for long enough. Some fancier electronic toothbrushes even break up the two minutes with special beeps so that you know how long you should spend on each quadrant of your mouth.

Remove More Plaque

An electronic toothbrush can remove much more plaque and tartar than any other method that you can perform at home. This can help to protect your teeth against tooth decay and to stave off gum disease. When you use an electronic toothbrush, there is a bit of a learning curve. You won’t need to move your brush around in circles or at specific angles to get the best results. After consulting the user manual for your new electronic toothbrush, it can be a good idea to discuss best practices with your dental hygienist at your next regular cleaning appointment.

Electronic toothbrushes can be invaluable tools in the journey of keeping your teeth in good health. However, diligence is still needed to make sure that you brush your teeth often enough to get an effective clean. An electronic toothbrush cannot replace the benefit of scheduling a professional teeth cleaning appointment with an experienced oral hygienist. It can make that appointment shorter and more comfortable, as you should have less plaque that needs to be scraped off your teeth.

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