How Do You Whiten Teeth Quickly?

How Do You Whiten Teeth Quickly?

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It can happen to anyone. You have an important event coming up and you’ve suddenly realized your teeth are looking a little yellow. But you have a limited amount of time to whiten your teeth. What do you do? How do you whiten teeth quickly? Fear not, there is a fast and effective solution. 

Professional Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening treatment provided by your dentist is the most effective way to get whiter teeth. In-office teeth whitening can provide dramatic results in just one treatment. At-home teeth whitening treatments provide similar results in a few weeks. 

How Does In-Office Teeth Whitening Work? 

The first step in the process is a consultation where we discuss your goals and choose the shade of white you are hoping to achieve. Then a protective barrier is applied to the gums, either a rubber shield or gel. Next the whitening agent is applied to the teeth and a special light is used to activate it, which accelerates the whitening process. Once your teeth have reached the desired shade of white, your treatment is complete. 

How Does At-Home Teeth Whitening Work? 

If you would prefer to whiten your teeth more gradually at home, a custom tray will be made for you that fits your teeth precisely. You can apply the whitening agent with the tray and leave it in place for as long as you need to achieve the desired results. You will need to apply whitening treatment daily for about 2 weeks or until you reach the shade of white you want. 

Which Whitening Treatment is Right For Me? 

If you need fast results in a short period of time, in-office teeth whitening would be your best option. You can see the change in your teeth immediately, which means you can be ready for your big day, whenever it is. 

Maybe you have a few weeks before your event and would prefer to whiten your teeth at home. As long as you have the time, at-home teeth whitening will provide results more gradually, which can also be more comfortable. 

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment Today 

Are you ready to get started with the teeth whitening process? Start by scheduling a consultation with Golia Dental. We will discuss your goals and perform an oral evaluation to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for teeth whitening treatment. Then we can schedule an appointment to apply your treatment, or order your at-home whitening kit, whichever option you would prefer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

How long do the results of professional teeth whitening last?

Results of in-office professional teeth whitening typically last for 1-3 years. The results of at-home whitening may last for up to a year. Periodic touch ups between treatments can help you maintain your results.  

Are over the counter whitening products effective?

Over the counter teeth whitening products do not contain the same active ingredient as professional whitening, and therefore do not provide the same results. Teeth whitening products you can purchase at the store may whiten your teeth somewhat, but not as much as professional products and the results typically don’t last as long.