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How Digital Technology Is Revolutionizing Dentistry

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It’s hard to think of any aspect of our lives that hasn’t been impacted by digital technology—and that includes your visits to the dentist. At Golia Dental, we’ve implemented a number of digital technologies to improve patient experience and outcomes. Here are some of the ways digital technology has impacted the way we practice dentistry.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a concern for many patients—no one wants to be exposed to unnecessary radiation, but skipping x-rays year after year can leave serious dental issues undiagnosed. Digital x-rays have truly been revolutionary for dentistry because they allow us to get the imaging we need with a reduced amount of radiation, they eliminate the waste involved in creating traditional x-rays, and they are superior from a diagnostic perspective.

With a traditional x-ray, what you see is what you get—if we needed a closer look at something, we’d have to take out a magnifying glass. Digital x-rays allow us to enlarge images, zoom in, and easily send them to other specialists when needed. Another benefit is that digital x-rays are sent to our computers immediately, meaning that you can come in for your dental check-up and we can look at your x-rays together during the same visit.

Digital Impressions

Even many of our younger patients will remember the days of traditional dental impressions—the messy impression material, having to sit still for several minutes while it hardened, and attempting not to gag as it oozed out from the trays in your mouth. What’s worse, these impressions were prone to inaccuracies—the slightest move and we’d need to start the process all over again.

Digital impressions have completely changed the process. Now, an intraoral camera takes images inside the mouth in seconds. These images are sent to our computer where they’re used to create a 3D model of your teeth and jaw. This model is much more accurate than the physical models created by traditional impressions and much more useful for treatment planning.

Treatment Planning

This brings us to our next point—with digital impressions and x-rays, we’re able to plan treatments in detail and predict outcomes better. With a 3D model of your jaw, we can even show you how your smile will change with treatment so you can see what your results will look like. Digital treatment planning is especially useful when it comes to dental implants, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign.

Virtual Care and Teledentistry

While not every dental visit can be done online, the current pandemic has prompted many dental practices to start offering more virtual visits. Consultations and procedure follow-ups can often be done online; virtual visits are also useful for triaging patients to help determine who needs immediate care and which appointments can wait. In rural areas, teledentistry allows patients to consult with dental specialists without needing to drive several hours for an appointment.

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